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Feel Forever Healthy: Energy DNA Activations to Reverse Aging, Boost Health and Feel Vibrant & Youthful!

without drugs, a fancy surgery, and most importantly without dozens of hours of on Dr. Google, asking questions, and all the additional stress of not finding themโ€ฆ

LIVE GROUP HEALING + Q&A Session with Lottie Cooper, Psy.MA.

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Here is what some of clients say about Lottie youโ€™ll discover in the training:

4 Years of Growth in 4 Hours - Nick

Ontario, Canada

20 years of panic and anxiety gone- Christina M.

Asheville, USA

Miracle Healing- Marie Miranda

New York, USA

More Money Immediately & Better Sex - Jen

Oregon, USA

"Love it! WALKING after bedridden and hopeless."

โ€œLottie the day after you sent remote healing to my mother in the hospital she had the desire and was able to get up for the first time since being there for over a monthโ€

R.L - Builder 


โ€œFrom Fetal Position to being able Enjoy the next day and not cancel all sessions with clientsโ€

"I was incredibly lucky to have a session scheduled with Lottie on a day that I felt horrid. I woke up that morning feeling cranky, having to constantly go to the bathroom and my entire body ached. I was literally lying in a fetal position when she called. Initially, I didnโ€™t think I was up to the session, but with gentle nudging, Lottie helped me identify the causes to my physical pain. As the session progressed, I started relaxing, I could sit up and the pain throughout my body eased up.

The next day I had a packed worked day which I actually enjoyed instead of cancelling all of my clients. And, the day after I had incredible personal breakthroughs and insights into myself and my life. It was amazing.

Thank you Lottie, for your assistance in transitioning through that difficult day with ease as it opened up incredible venues for me. I am very grateful!!!"

Maritza, Healer, Ontario

โ€œReclaimed true pure bliss through past life memoryโ€

โ€œWhat an amazing intuitive healer, is Lottie Cooper. The first time that I had a session with Lottie, I had immediate recall of a past life in which I was a blissful, joyous, young girl running through the tall grass. An older woman who is certainly a past life loved one supervised me.

It was through this past life regression that I realized, and saw he gave me as a tool this memory to use anytime I needed true pure bliss in this current lifetime.โ€

Catherine H.S

โ€œPressure from anxiety, instantly gone; I donโ€™t react negatively anymore!โ€

โ€œI had the opportunity to get a backstage pass with Lottie Cooper, that day I was in the slopes of all my emotions feeling fear sadness, depression and I was super scattered as far as my thoughts feelings and emotions.

She was very kind and I felt love and compassion as soon as I started to my session. We went over a few tools that helped shift my reality and immediately felt super light the pressure I was feeling from all the anxiety was instantly gone.

My mind chatter completely stopped. I started to feel very light and almost felt like I woke up from a bad dream. The tension on my face was gone. I felt very relaxed. Itโ€™s been a little over a week and even tho my life continues to get a little gloomy I can honestly say that I donโ€™t react the same way to situations anymore.

I am a lot more calm and definitely not feeling under pressure. I am full of gratitudeโ€

Jim P

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  • Yes, you can get this for a loved one.

  • Yes, you donโ€™t have to feel the remote healing for it to work.

  • Yes, you can buy this also for your petsโ€ฆ helps them heal faster.

  • Yes, You can use this with other products.

  • Best to listen to audios in a quiet space, eyes closed and give it your full attention, so you can relax into a theta brain wave to receive deeper into your subconscious for best results.

  • Free will is sacred - Remote healing only works if their free will of their soul says yes.

  • New Belief Downloads work on a subconscious level and are permanent.

  • Remote Healing works on everyone to Raise their frequency

  • Soul retrieval work I do gives you more energy, clarity, strength, robustness, sovereignty

  • Downloads only work if you speak English. Unless you translate them to your family member who speaks another language.

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Feel Forever Healthy:

Energy DNA Activations to

Reverse Aging, Boost Health

and Feel Vibrant & Youthful!


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