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Quantum Leap to Your HigherSelf

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Client Success Stories 
with Lottie Cooper, Psy.MA.

"20 Years of Panic & Anxiety Gone"

in one VIP intensive day-

Christina M.

"Lottie figured out the root of the issue, and get deeper and deeper to the point where it felt like she pluck it out like a weed, I instantly felt more spacious, grounded and centered an didn't have trigger around an outdated belief syste....She's amazing, fast, powerful. " -Kari K

See what others are saying about our the life changing results they are having...

" Releasing Stored Trauma"

 "A few things Lottie has helped me with: releasing stored trauma that was causing strain in my left eye, leaving my body too often and now staying in my body instead, releasing the stored pain in my heart, releasing the emotions from my parents and other people that I took on, understanding the differences between my emotions and others’ emotions, past life issues, and many more. 


Donna McRea, Testimonial, client photo, lottie cooper, healer, business, professional, woman


"Lottie was able to shift this so profoundly for me that I instantly felt it leave my body. The biggest blessing for me here was realizing it’s okay to be alone as I’m happy with me!!

Donna McRea, Certified Law of Attraction and Shadow Coach, Reiki, Infinity Healing, Energy Codes

Andie DePass, testimonial Photo, Headshot, healer,  red hair, eye liner, red lipstick, business, professional, woman.

"Help me become a better Healer for my clients"

"This is so important to have someone to work with when you are a Healer yourself. She is the perfect mentor for anyone needing guidance and support. I will continue to bless myself with her services for a long time ahead"

Andie DePass,

TSSC Expert Healer, Soul Frequency Consciousness Coach.


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Lottie Cooper Head Shot- Approved Photo

Lottie Cooper Psy.M. 

Transformational Consultant | Mastering Mindset | Healing  


International Best Selling Author, Speaker, founder and creator of 3 flagship programs, founder of Inspirational Counseling.

She helps women in business clear blindspots, stop sabotaging, make difficult things easy, and have freedom to feel and "Be More than You've Ever Beenβ„’"

1:1 VIP INTENSIVE DAY w/ Lottie Cooper.

Very Limited spots by application only

Have you ever had an entire day focused on you and your inner world and how it impacts your business growth?

Your Unlimited Path

Have fun, and un-limit your self. Feel the unbounded open doors to your highest self, and your highest consciousness in an full day Intensive. 

Fast Track Your Success: Inner Game Masteryβ„’

Increase your inner and outer wealth: Design a FAST action plan in the entire day focused on you and your goals


Your Healer's Healer

Mentors, Leaders, and Coaches all have someone to see their blind spots. Lottie is a specialist in this area for you


See what others are saying about our the life changing results they are having...

testimonial, Andrew Stokes, photo, positive feedback

"Liberation from Internal Strife"

β€œThe positive feedback loop created between one’s own highest-self and the affirmative reflections of Lottie Cooper’s uncompromising consciousness yields quantum acceleration in personal empowerment.

There is no aspiration too lofty, no obstacle too challenging, and no hidden sabotage that can elude this collaborative dialogue. Lottie’s training allows her to guide the process non-intrusively, yet boldly, toward the ultimate end of total liberation from internal strife.

Andrew S. Mount. Social Entrepreneur.

bill Heinrich Testimonial, client photo, lottie cooper

"Authentic Results"

"β€œIf you are truly looking for change in your life and getting authentic results, Lottie is your perfect solution. She is amazing to work with!”

Bill Heinrich, Author, Expert Speaker MySoulFocus.

Kari Kammerzell, testimonial Photo, Headshot, healer,  red hair, eye liner, red lipstick, business, professional, woman

"Lottie Helped me have more confidence in my Intuition creating High Ticket Clients and "

" I absolutely LOVE working with Lottie she is very much one of the Best in the Healing Business"  

Kari Kamerzell,

Change Catalyst & Metaphysician, Ranch Owner

Personalized Pathways To Limitless Potential

Profound Reveal & Release


Quantum Love | 8-Weeks 

Psychic Mastery Bootcamp


1 hr Rewire Your Brain Audio Training (Only $27)

Did you know your resentments could be making you sick?
When we hold onto negative pain, beliefs, we cause a contraction in the tissues of our body that makes us weaker. 
Rewiring your brain to release negative beliefs, and resentments will free up your energy and boost your immune system. This guided audio journey to rewire your brain will help you to do this and much more!

We know that due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and flu season a lot of you are unable to attend your regular activities from your favorite places. That's why we have created a completely online training to help you rewire your brain and boost your immune system from the comfort of your home. 

Prevent the Flu Training ($27)

Your #1 Transformational Coach

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